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Turn-key Solution for Custom Figurines

3d design and rendering

Most of our clients already come to us with a specific character/design they want to bring to life, and make it as a custom figure. It can be part of their company logo, a 2D sketch or a general idea they have in mind. In each of these three cases, unless the client comes with a final 3D file, we'll need to develop and design the character in order to be suitable for mold production. Proper articulation, stability and volume are only part of the features we're testing and plan during this stage, not to mention the overall appearance. The final part of this stage is a realistic rendering image the client can review and approve before advancing to production.

package design

We're offering 3 types of branded packaging methods: regular paperboard package, blister packaging, and a simple "pp bag" (transparent nylon bag only). Besides the type of the package, in case you don't have the ability to design the box appearance by yourself, our talented graphic designers will be glad taking your package's appearance to the next level. Don't forget, your figure's packaging is as important as the figure itself. Your brand's colors, font types, marketing messages are all part of the overall attraction of the item.        

figure manufacturing

Figures manufacturing is the core part of our work and our main expertise. We have the ability to make figurines from anyone of the following materials: PVC, vinyl, resin, PU and ABS. Each material has its own properties, and the use of it depends on the specific figure's features and client's preferences. The process of figurines production takes approximately 3 months, from mold making to painting and packaging. Needless to mention we perform quality tests during each phase of the production, so we can guarantee our clients flawless outcome when receiving the finished product. 

CPSIA & EN-71 testing (safety standard)

When all comes to figurines, the border control, both of US and EU, doesn't distinguish between a toy and a branded figurine for decoration purposes. Therefore, each figure produced must undergo toy safety tests that meets the toy safety regulation and standards of the former countries: CPSIA testing for the US, and EN-71 for EU countries. Our clients don't have to worry about it, as we're taking care of all required testing and custom approvals before the figures leave our factory. 

door-to-door shipping

Finally, all figures are within their packages, and the shipping boxes are ready to dispatch. You can't forget about searching for courier companies, rates and shipping methods, as we will take care of everything until the goods will be in your hands. From the moment it leaves our factory, through custom clearance and delivery to your office/warehouse.  

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